Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Change- it's pretty constant, huh?

If you haven't already heard, I FINALLY found out that I passed my licensing exam. Yippee!! I was really starting to think I had failed. Such a great feeling to know that part of my life is completely done with now (i.e. school, studying and such). While that stressor is gone, I still have a few more up ahead.

We're moving to Florence. Like, next week. I took the job offer from my last clinical rotation at Carolinas hospital and Ethan will be going back to his job at Imperial. I have to make a trip up there on Thursday for pre-employment paperwork and will also be looking around for a house. I really hope I find something that day so we won't have to worry about where we'll be moving all of our junk. I start work on August 1, so we're in a bit of a time crunch!

I hate packing. I feel like we just got settled in here in Summerville and now we have to tear it all down and start all over again. I love this apartment complex and I will surely miss the pool. But I'm trying very hard to look at this in a positive way. I am excited that Ethan will have a few days off work to relax and okay, more importantly, help me with packing. ;) We hope we'll be able to do a few things around Charleston that we enjoy (while spending as little money as possible) before we're in Flo city and land locked. Yes. Land locked. I've had the beach readily available to me for the past 14 months, this isn't going to be an easy transition.

But once we're all settled in a new place and have fallen into a new routine with our jobs, then there will be more time to really kick the wedding planning into gear. I have my dress, my bridesmaids know their dresses, the colors are chosen annnnd that's about it. We have a general idea of venues, but nothing is planned. I know I have 8 months, but I feel like that's nothing.

Anyway, bottom line- Yay! I have a big girl job. Mixed feelings on the move. Wedding will be here before we know it!


Lees. said...

I really enjoyed reading some of your posts! Follow for a follow? :) x

Blair @ Reasonably Swanky said...

Congrats on the job!! I am so proud of you!! I wish I was done. Blah! How's the wedding planning coming along?!